NBCA High School Open House

  • Join us for our Open House on November 18th to discover how North Bay Christian School's culture based on Relationship, Discipleship and Leadership help students thrive Academically, Spiritually, Socially and Physically.

  • We'd love for you to be a part of it!

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We ensure that each and every student has access to:

  • First-rate academics

  • A nurturing environment

  • Teachers that care

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NBCA Open House

Training Students to Serve God and Love Others

Achieving Excellence in Academics and Character Development

Equipping Students for Lifelong Learning and Achievement

The Marin Christian Academy Way

Character Development

We develop students who are grounded by the strength of character necessary to succeed in a competitive, pluralistic world.

Academic Excellence

We are dedicated to academic excellence by keeping our class sizes small and using an accredited curriculum that focuses on technology and the fine arts.

A Life of Service

We encourage students to glorify God by using their individual strengths and abilities to serve their local communities.


Student-Teacher Ratio


College Acceptance Rate


College Years Credit

Today in the car, Tennyson, who is not effusive, said, “I am ready for summer break but I do not want 5th grade to be over because I won’t get to see Mrs. McElroy everyday.” Sennett said, “you can see her next year when you drop me off at school.” Tennyson said, “It is not the same as getting to be with her everyday, you will see, she is an angel.”


- Bethany McMickin

Bethany McMickin