Affording Marin Christian Academy

Our mission is to prepare all students for success in their generation. Our goal is to make learning relevant, personalized, and engaging. To do this, we must be strategic and intentional about teaching 21st Century skills and content. These skills help ensure that our students become life-long
learners and possess the skills they need to achieve and flourish in their chosen life paths.

We aim to ensure all students receive the kinds of learning experiences that build these competencies.

21st Century skills fall into 3 categories

  • Learning & Innovation Skills
  • Life & Career Skills
  • Information, Media, & Technology Skills

Today, we live in a world driven by technology and media. Citizens who can access an abundance of
information, navigate the rapid changes in technology tools, and demonstrate the ability to collaborate and make meaningful contributions are the people who will be successful in the marketplace. We seek to provide a rich technology and media program that targets 21st Century competencies. Students not only learn to use technology safely and responsibly; they will learn to use technology as tools to facilitate learning in every area of the curriculum.

Our Technology & Media Curriculum

Personal Chromebook for Middle School Students

Each Middle school student is issued a new Chromebook for school and home use. Students use their Chromebook as a tool in every subject. Math, science, language arts, and Bible all have digital reference tools. Students become proficient at using Google products for all types of information and media projects. The Chromebook is integrated as a normal part of producing assignments and achieving learning goals.

Digital Citizenship

Each student is taught how to use the internet safely, effectively, and appropriately. There are safeties and controls on all of our digital tools to ensure students are not exposed to inappropriate or unsafe content. Students will learn to self-monitor and engage with technology responsibly and respectfully.

Elementary Mobile Chromebook Lab

We have 25 brand new Chrome books that are available for our Elementary Classrooms (Grades 2-5). Students have technology class two to three times a week. In addition to completing projects using Google products, we deliver programs such as Keyboarding Without Tears, Dreambox Math, Spelling City and Writing Apps for quality integrated instruction and application.

iPad Mini Lab

Our iPad Lab for Kindergarten and First Grade with special math and language arts apps
for little fingers to begin to explore technology skills and reading.


iPad Mini Lab

This easy-to-launch STEM program inspires students to learn a variety of 21st Century disciplines while running experiments on the International Space Station. Students engage in science and engineering by developing an experiment on the ground which is then conducted on the ISS utilizing the LEGO Mindstorms® or Arduino* coding environment. This unique program sparks creativity and collaboration, develops problem-solving skills, and STEM Literacy.

Quest for Space is an NGSS-aligned, innovative STEM program that allows students to create, launch and run their own experiments aboard the International Space Station (ISS).