“I am deeply grateful for my time at Marin Christian Academy during which I received much more than a great education. I also received lifelong friendships, character building, spiritual development, and most importantly, a life direction. The determination and caring of the staff is truly humbling.”

Massood Nusratty

Class of 2000

“MCA was an excellent foundation for the rest of my academic career. Not only did my teachers instruct me about History, Math, and English, but they also taught me life skills and values that are still part of who I am today. It was at MCA that I learned how to learn.”

Julie Mervich

Class of 1998

Current Students

When asked, “What are your favorite things about MCA?” Our students said:

“The teachers–they help you learn and get a better education. They are really fun and do lots of fun activities. I have been here all my life and I love it! I love everything about this school. It’s so awesome.”


5th Grader

“I like MCA because I’ve been here since preschool. I like it because it is fun! I have fun in daycare and with my teachers. There are lots of things to do like recorders, Math Express, and computers.”


3rd Grader

“I like that there is science, P.E., and writing poems. I like the uniforms, and I especially like my teachers.”


3rd Grader

“I like to run and play. I like to jump rope. I love Reading, Math, and Bible. I love painting and science.”


2nd Grader


“All three of our sons attended MCA from Grades 1-8 and received a first-rate education. The teachers provide a lot of personal attention, the classes are small, and there is a strong focus on character development, which supports what parents are teaching at home. Today, our oldest son is in a PhD fellowship at an Ivy League college, our middle son graduated from college earlier this year, and our youngest is in his senior year after spending a year abroad studying in Europe.  They all are thankful for the foundation they received at MCA. Highly recommended.”

– Vince C.

“I can not sing the praises of this school enough. My grandsons have grown so much in the years they have been attending MCA, and our whole family feels so connected to all of the students, staff, and administration. It’s literally one big happy family. They look at the whole child and invite the parents to actively participate in the learning and development process. They actively encourage the student to be responsible and to not be intimidated by bullies.  They will offer individualized learning tools to work on areas that need improvement with absolutely no judgment or belittling of the students. As a result, I can see the maturity and growth, including confidence, in both of my grandsons. They give students platforms to pursue interests like drama, art, sports, and music-making the curriculum well balanced.  Although the commute is sometimes grueling, I can honestly say it has been more than worth it!”

– Lauren of Vallejo, CA

“We love this wonderful school! Excellent educators who provide a loving environment. My kids are growing in all areas of life. The leadership, teachers, and staff are always available to answer questions and provide assistance as necessary.”

– Sara M.

“Our two boys have been going to MCA for the last 4 years. To be able to have a school where they pray and are prayed for is huge. The care between the kids at the school regardless of the grade is something that still impresses me. You have students that honestly and genuinely care about each other. Of course, this is not across the board, there are still exceptions, but generally, you see a love and care you don’t see in other schools. I am also so grateful to see my boys start out the day reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. If you are like me, the most important thing for my children is the development of their character, and I feel like that is exactly what they are growing in. No school is perfect, there are things that I’d like to change of course. But in terms of knowing the direction and influences my children are exposed to every day, there isn’t another school in Marin I would trust.”

– Mike B.

“We have two children enrolled at MCA. Its been a great choice for our family. Our children are thriving academically, socially, and spiritually. Before moving to Novato, we commuted from South Marin specifically for the school. The low student-to-teacher ratio makes the school a tremendous value. Teachers are excellent and committed to the students and the school. We love the investment in technology. All students (even my Kindergartner) are up and running on Chromebooks and learning apps. An iPad lab is new for 2016/2017. Many extra-curricular activities (sports, music classes, etc.) are brought on-site making it very convenient.”

– Keely N.

“My daughter has been going to MCA since Kindergarten and now is going into 5th grade. I absolutely love this school. The teachers are loving, supportive, and help each child move forward with their education. Most importantly, my daughter is happy and loves going to Marin Christian Academy. I highly recommend this amazing school.”

– Angela B.

“I just can’t say enough good things about MCA. We have a kindergartner at this school, and have more years of experience having our children in Noah’s Ark Preschool, which is also a part of Marin Christian Academy. Starting with the academics, the curriculum is very strong. My kindergartner comes home talking about the many things she learns and does in class and she loves it. The school takes the security and safety of the children very seriously. The front office is responsive and professional. The school is clean and well-maintained. This school has been in business for decades and they operate at a very high level of professionalism. The principal is top-notch, truly cares about the kids and the school, and has a great sense of humor. (His “beard” on “crazy hair day” was really something!) He does not just sit behind a desk. I see him most days out greeting families during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times. My kids have greatly benefited from their time at this school. I highly recommend Marin Christian Academy!”

– Jennifer B.

“This is the best school around the North Bay.  We lived in the area for a couple of years for my work and our triplets attended MCA for 2 years. They helped us with imparting great faith and an academic foundation for the kids; we are grateful.  Highly recommend if you are looking for a school that is faith-based but also focused on academics.”

– Gino W.

“My son attended Marin Christian Academy from 2nd Grade to 8th Grade, graduating as Valedictorian. He is now graduating from Azusa Pacific University with a degree in Computer Science and has an amazing job offer already lined up after graduation in May 2016. I truly believe his years at MCA has laid the foundation for his excellent discipline and study habits. Having taught 3rd grade at MCA also allowed me an insider’s view of the excellent curriculum and stellar teachers. I am so thankful for the devotion and care that my son received there, and I highly recommend this school to any families who are looking for academic excellence, highly professional and devoted staff, and excellent training in life for their children.”

– Patty C.

“Amazing school for my two children. Loving, nurturing family environment. Small class sizes, great curriculum, hot lunches, various extracurricular options, up to date technology, and caring teachers. My children are thriving and my husband and I are both thrilled!”

– Emily S.