MCA Middle School Student Council

The MCA Middle School Student Council is very focused on keeping our school looking clean and organized. They conduct quarterly yard beautification canvasing of the grounds. Their second priority is Middle School fundraising for the mission trip to the orphanage in Mexico. They have many areas that they help with fundraising, including: Chic-fil-a, Mary’s Pizza Shack, and Chipotle nights. They also sell cakes and pizza during the summer. The latest fundraising venture has been the addition of a two day  “Snack Shack” menu that is run by the student council. They handle all money, selling, and inventory.

Speech Meet 2018

ACIS Middle School
Sacramento Speech Meet Winners
Congratulations to the MCA Middle School students who competed at the ACSI Speech Meet on March 21,
2017 in Elk Grove, Sacramento.
Superior Medal and Ribbon ($25)
Wambui Munene
Valeria Gridina
Excellent Ribbon
Neftali Martinez
Tony Metaxas
Spencer Watson
Akin Suzuki
Dylan Ring
Zachary Bischel
Good Ribbon
Emily Allensworth
There were NO point reductions for introductions.
Good job kids! Some were one point away from the next level ribbon. I’m very proud of all of you!
A special thank you to the MCA judges who helped Mrs. Isaac score our kids: Mr. Alex, Mr. Dove and Mrs. Gilmore. ACSI Timekeepers and Chaperones: Mr. and Mrs. Allensworth and Mrs. Gridina.
Congratulations Farm Day 2018 Winners
Essay Winners
1st place Dylan Ring
2nd Lilly Tweed
3rd Emily Allensworth
4th Jaylen Clark
5th Spencer Watson
Poetry Winners
1st Maisy Maher
2nd Haig Kupellian
3rd Neftali Martinez
4th Fernando Zaragoza
5th Valeria Gridina
1st Maisy Maher