Marin Christian Academy
Elementary & Middle School Dress Code

Dress Code: The standards of dress and appearance for students at Marin Christian Academy are based upon good taste, modesty, cleanliness, comfort, safety and practicality. They are intended to encourage reverence towards the house of God, to show respect to the school and its faculty, to build school spirit and to give priority to the development of the inner self over outward appearance. All clothing should be neat, clean and without holes. The following standards are not intended to be all encompassing:

All items requiring a logo are available through our and Skirts may be purchased from the uniform section of stores such as Old Navy, Target, Sears or Walmart.

Polo Shirts: Shirts must be tucked in and appropriately sized. Classic Navy or Burgundy – MCA Logo is required through Lands’ End on all uniform shirts. Short or Long Sleeve Mesh Polo

Pants: No holes in the knees, no cargo pants (pockets on the side)
Classic Navy, Khaki (tan). Plain-Front Pants, Elastic-Waist Pants

Belts: Solid colors: Black, Brown or Navy Blue. Belts must be worn at all times with pants, shorts, and skorts. If it has a belt loop, then a belt must be worn.

Skirts/Skorts/Jumpers (Girls): Length – may not be shorter than two inches above knee. Classic Navy, Khaki or Blue Plaid. A-Line Skirt, Pleated Skirt, Long Chino Skort. Plaid Jumper can only be purchased through Lands End.

Shorts: Length – may not be shorter than two inches above knee. Must be appropriately sized around the waist. Classic Navy, Khaki (tan). No flares or cargo (pockets on side)

Socks: Socks or tights must be worn at all times. Tights, knee high socks and ankle length leggings must be blue, black or white. Solid colors ONLY no designs. Ankle and crew socks are acceptable.

Shoes: All shoes must have a closed toe and a closed heel (1” heel maximum). Sandals are not permitted. Athletic shoes are recommended.

Sweatshirts/Hoodies: All sweatshirts/hoodies must be navy blue and require a school approved logo. A burgundy/navy blue polo shirt with school logo must be worn underneath at all times.
Zip-front Sweatshirts can be any color. Any shirt worn for layering purposes must be uniform color (burgundy or navy blue)

Coats: No objectionable words or pictures. No trench coats.

Hair Accessories: Boys’ hair is not to extend past the tops of the ears or eyes and is not to touch the collar. Short, neat cut hair at all times. No shaved portions of the head (mohawks) or designs dyed/cut in. Hair colors may not be extreme – and are not to deviate from the spectrum of natural colors.

Jewelry: No heavy or long dangling jewelry, necklaces, bracelets or earrings. Boys: No earrings, other piercings or nail polish. Girls: No piercing other than ears. Limit 3 per ear. Elementary girls/boys are not allowed to wear makeup. No tattoos permanent or temporary.

You must have a coupon to participate in Free Dress (Nice jeans and shirt are suggested).
 Coupons can be purchased in the school office Monday-Thursday ONLY for $3 each or two for $5.
 Jeans must not be frayed, have holes, be torn, or excessively worn.
 Objectionable words or pictures are NOT permitted.
 No sleeveless shirts (tank tops)
 Clean, neat clothing to be worn at all times.
 No leggings, yoga pants or tight fitted clothing.
Thank you for supporting 5th grade outdoor education and middle school missions trip!

No jeans.
Shirt with a collar and slacks for boys.
Dresses, slacks/skirts with dress shirt for girls.